What we've done so far

  • 5 Dates Plan

    The 5 Dates Plan is a fun dating project, based on the entertaining and inspirational memoir 5 Dates...a Man-Plan. The app focuses on using your own personal network to help you activate your goal of starting to date again and achieve your goal of finding Mr. or Mrs. Right.

    This app is developed based on the book "5 Dates...a Man-Plan" by Susie Ashmore.

  • Emoji Booth

    James Manley came to us with detailed prototype of Emoji Booth. Emoji Booth is a fun way to create your own emoji; a small digital image used to express an idea and emotion with fun interactive icons. DevDec had lots of fun working on this great idea. We have released the iPhone app of Emoji Booth and the daily installs of this app has been very inspiring. We have also developed Android version of the same app and its coming to Google Play very soon!

  • The Goal Line (iOS+Android)

    The Goal Line is DevDec very first cross platform game. It’s a simple but challenging one touch control game based on a soccer/football theme. The idea is to guide the ball through the given path using your finger while avoiding touching the boundary. Get the app and see if you got what it takes to be the best.

    Google Play Store Link
    Apple Store Link

  • Vent (iPhone)

    Need to get things off your chest? Well, Emperor Nzekwe has collaborated with DevDec to develop a social networking platform that allows individuals to express their feelings openly or anonymously. This iPhone App just keeps getting better, heads up for updates and new features that will make Venting a whole lot easier.

  • Hausmart

    DevDec creates yet another website for Hausmart where home buyers can find reviews of recent open houses for homes on the market. Open House Reviews is a very useful tool for buyers who are on a very tight schedule. DevDec's clean and sleek design makes the search for your dream home a breeze!

  • Connected Communications (Android)

    Connected Communications engaged DevDec to design and develop an exciting app native to Android tablets that allows them to advertise for local businesses inside the taxicabs of Sudbury’s CityTaxi. Tablets installed behind the front seats of the taxicabs allow passengers to view store flyers, commercials, and short slideshows. After considerable planning and deliberation this clever app idea was brought to life by DevDec!

  • PartsFinderPlus (Android)

    PartsFinderPlus has been working with DevDec for quite a while to develop and perfect the Android version of their app that allows Mechanics at their Garage to search and order car parts on demand. We are excited to introduce PartsFInderPlus, which will be released onto GooglePlay store very soon! PF+ is currently being used by Pete’s Service Centre, Eastport, NL, Canada.

  • Parts Finder Plus (iPhone)

    PartsFinderPlus has also been working closely with DevDec to develop the native iOS version of their iPhone app. PF+ saves their Mechanics from spending time on the phone searching and ordering parts and allows them to service more cars in a day. We are currently in the second phase of development, working to add more exciting features! We look forward to releasing PartsFinderPlus to the Apple Store very soon!

  • Imperial Life Management

    Experts at Imperial provide Consulting and Support Services to Professionals; this time they approached DevDec for some Professional Consulting on their existing website. DevDec gave Imperial a much needed face-lift -- giving them a fresh new look with modern features and cross-browser compatibility.

  • Hausmart

    Huasmart connected with DevDec to help them create 4 different websites aimed at connecting Home Buyers with Sellers and Sellers with Buyers. First our team set up HausValues.ca and ThisHomeIsWorth.ca to allow individuals to value their home. Then we moved onto developing HomeBuyersRegistry.org and HomeSellersRegistry.org to complete the circle. Now individuals on the market to buy or sell have 4 great ways to get started!

  • Axion Design

    Axion Design came to us to anxious to resolve issues with their Peachyco.com website. Our talented team of web developers diligently worked to restructure the entire back-end to ensure the highest web-security. We were also honoured to implement Axion's new front-end design for the site! Now everything is 'peachy'!

  • DevDec 2013

    DevDec 2013 has just been revamped by the DevDec team! We are excited to launch our new official website. Designed to be fully responsive, view what we have going on and explore our world. Browse as you please and contact us!

  • PuzzleShot (iPhone)

    PuzzleShot was developed by our very own Lead iOS developer. The brilliant game allows you to choose an image from an album or a snap shot and spits it into scattered pieces. It's not too puzzling to understand how the app works. Check it out for yourself!

  • Homes by Dundee

    Homes by Dundee approached us to help them develop a customized Internal Management Tool to automate routine tasks of on-site and in-office personnel. Our tool enables them to save time, increase productivity, and improve accuracy of data that flows between both parties with real-time live updates. Their work flow is now beautifully orchestrated as beautifully as the homes they build.

  • The Conscious Collections

    The Conscious Collections was developed bottom-up and automated by DevDec to allow TTG to effortlessly release monthly collections of ethically-produced and environmentally- friendly products themed for many lifestyle categories.

  • Project Green Challenge 2012

    PGC 2012 hosted by Teens Turning Green was developed by our talented team of developers in a hectic, but amusing and entertaining 15 days! It was a team effort all the way and the end-result was spectacular!

  • Teens Turning Green

    We love TTG and we support them through all their development needs! Maintaining this WP powered site is effortless for us and brings all the more people closer to living a more conscious lifestyle. As they say: “Live Life, Sustainably!”

  • HotTech News (Android)

    HotTech News is an in-house mobile app for the Android platform that was inspired by our very own Lead Developer who constantly needs access to TOP tech news on- the-go. There’s no need to go searching for the latest in technology as this app grabs the Top News from Techmeme Top News and Hacker News.

  • Junal On The Run

    JunalOnTheRun.com is powered by Wordpress but custom designed by DevDec with a neat and clean design. This theme concept reflects our idea of minimalism and our love for keeping it simple and spotless.

  • Amra Positive

    Amra Positive is an in-house assignment focused on serving the community. This simple website enables Bangladeshis to discuss good and positive news about Bangladesh, community events or festivals, as well as religious traditions. This initiative was set out to encourage the community to be hopeful and always stay positive!

  • Allomatch

    Allomatch came to us for a comprehensive payment module and our responsibility was to construct a payment system that allows for diverse payment options. We provided them with a secure and efficient system that was critical for managing their business.

  • Noobfeed

    Noobfeed involved us in optimization of their existing site, which held a large user base. Our team was responsible for debugging and enhancing their website for speed and user interface. We provided them with a stellar website with amazing speed and graphics.

  • Alan Blaustein

    Alan Blaustein came to us with the need to optimize an internal search engine for easy and quick access to his stunning photographs and we did just that! We are now ready to move on to a total a reconstruction of the site to brilliantly showcase his exquisite commercial and editorial collections and exhibition quality photographic prints.

  • All Season Driving School

    All Season Driving School engaged us to build a customized website that enabled new drivers to access information about their services and notes about what they should expect in their journey to become a licenced driver. We provided them with a solution that exactly suited their needs.

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